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I have tutored all subjects of both the SSAT and the ISEE at each of the different levels since 2005. My students have gotten accepted to many top private schools in their communities. One of the greatest compliments I get from the parents of my SSAT and ISEE students comes in the form of asking me to continue working with their child after the test is over for enrichment tutoring for their child. I'm always happy to do so since I love seeing my students develop their curiosity and understanding of various subjects.


SSAT/ISEE Tutoring

Approach to SSAT/ISEE Verbal

With each new SSAT or ISEE student, we begin with an introduction to the test, it's format, and the question types that they will see. 


Most SSAT and ISEE students find the vocabulary section of the tests to be quite challenging, so along with strategies for the synonyms, sentence completions (ISEE), and analogies (SSAT), we also work on expanding their vocabulary.


For reading comp, we work on applying strategies to boost speed, accuracy, and focus. These strategies include active reading, making predictions, and prioritizing easier passages.


We also work on the writing sample. While unscored, the writing sample is sent directly to schools, so it's important for students to learn how to organize their time and how to structure an effective response.

Approach to SSAT/ISEE Quantitative

After an introduction to the different quantitative sections and question types on the SSAT or ISEE, we'll work through material to make sure students are well prepared for their test.


Students are not expected to have learned everything that they see on the SSAT or ISEE in school yet, so we work on strategies for approaching unfamiliar topics. For younger students, that often includes a very basic understanding of substituting numbers in for unknowns. We'll work on strategies like working backward from the answer choices so that students have more tools at their disposal.


We'll also work on trouble spots (like fractions or percents) for each student, particularly if those areas are heavily tested. I always make sure students feel encouraged by their progress.


Online tutoring for younger students

Parents often wonder whether online tutoring will work for their SSAT or ISEE student, particularly when their child is still in elementary school.


I have found that online tutoring is effective for students as young as 3rd grade. In fact, I'm always impressed by how engaged and interactive these younger students are in online tutoring sessions! For some students, the lure of the screen is enough to help them focus better than they can in face-to-face tutoring sessions.


In addition, for students taking the computer-based ISEE, online prep is a helpful introduction to doing questions on the computer.


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