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I have taught all subjects of the SAT since 2003 and stay up-to-date about changes to the SAT in order to provide students the most effective support. My own SAT scores were 790 Math and 800 Verbal in 1999, but I don’t rely on just these scores. I routinely scored perfect 800s on sections I have taken on the most recent College Board SAT practice tests. I have been formally trained as a tutor, and even won a National Tutor of the Year award for my work with one education company.


SAT Tutoring

Approach to the SAT

A strong SAT or ACT score can mean admission to the college of your dreams and scholarships to help pay for it. However, many students come to me not sure how to break into the next level with their score or feeling anxious about the whole process. I work one-on-one with students online to develop strong content knowledge, test strategy, and the confidence necessary to succeed.

I strongly believe that customization is the strongest advantage of one-on-one tutoring. Large classroom courses are often one-size-fits-all and are rarely inspiring. Online SAT tutoring instead helps you invest your time targeting the exact areas and skills necessary to raise your SAT score.

All colleges accept the ACT alongside the SAT. Working with an online tutor who specializes in both SAT and ACT gives you the flexibility to concentrate on whichever test best showcases your abilities.



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SAT math is broken into three subsections:


In tutoring, I focus on test strategy alongside content review for these three areas. I have worked with students from all levels of math, from students who find math incredibly challenging to students shooting for an 800. I vary my approach according to each student’s starting point, goal score, and time available.

SAT Math

SAT Reading

For the SAT reading section, I work with students to build good active reading strategies for the passages themselves and effective prediction and elimination strategies for answering the questions. I always emphasize finding support for answers and did so even before the test changed to ask so explicitly about evidence! Once we have the basic strategies down, we target specific trouble areas, whether that be the challenging Great Global Conversation passage, paired passages, or questions involving interpreting charts or other informational graphics.

SAT Writing & Language

I especially love teaching grammar for the SAT Writing and Language test. Many students are initially frustrated because it's been so long since they were taught grammar in school. (Some students report never being taught these rules at all!) Systematic review of punctuation, sentence structure, and other grammar rules helps a lot! Beyond grammar, we work on checking for wordiness, tackling the tricky organization questions, and working through writing questions involving charts or graphs.

On the optional SAT essay, students have the challenging task of performing a rhetorical analysis on a persuasive passage expressing a nuanced viewpoint on a complex issue. I work with students first on techniques for reading and analyzing the passage for the persuasive devices the author uses. We then work through methods for structuring the essay and for providing ample examples to support their points. For each practice essay a student writes, I provide feedback based on the SAT scoring criteria to target areas for improvement.

Optional SAT Essay


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Online tutoring for PSAT/NMSQT

PSAT students come to me either looking to get a jump start on preparing for their SAT or to maximize their National Merit qualifying score.


Back in my high school days, my PSAT scores in high school were strong enough that I was named a National Merit Scholar. Knowing firsthand how many doors were opened to me with these strong scores, I now love working with PSAT students to help them achieve their National Merit goals and set themselves up for strong SAT results.