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I have been tutoring the LSAT at all levels since 2010, first as a Kaplan teacher and tutor, and later as an independent, private tutor. I earned a 170 (97th percentile) the first time I took an actual LSAT and a 177 (99.8th percentile) on the July 2019 digital test. I nearly always score in the 99th percentile on every practice test I take. I work hard to keep myself up in top shape with the LSAT through regular review of past prep tests. Unlike many tutors who haven't taken the test in years, I've experienced the new digital test and can share my experience with you.


LSAT Tutoring

Approach to the LSAT

I strongly believe that customization is the strongest advantage of one-on-one tutoring. Why waste time on an uninspiring and one-size-fits-all course when you can instead invest that time targeting the exact areas and skills you need in order to raise your LSAT score? I take the time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, then offer guided support to systematically build your skills.


I also recognize that this test is grueling, intimidating, and mentally taxing. We won't ignore the psychological component of doing well on the LSAT; we'll practice techniques for triaging the test, for managing stress, and for avoiding as much mental fatigue as possible so that you can perform at your best.

The LSAT is a test of critical thinking, logical reasoning, and stress management -- all skills you need to perform well in law school and later as a lawyer. My tutoring focuses on the development of those skills so that you can go into the test feeling confident.

Many top law schools accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT. Working with a tutor who specializes in both LSAT and GRE gives you the flexibility to concentrate on whichever test makes you the most competitive applicant.

Logical reasoning accounts for about half of you LSAT score and is therefore essential to master. My tutoring sessions focus on developing critical thinking strategies for the different logical reasoning question types. We'll also work through elimination strategies to help you more quickly identify the right answer and move on to the next question with confidence.


The LSAT is predictable; the more intimately familiar you are with the LSAT, the more you'll start to notice the same basic questions over and over. However, it's no use to simply grind through test after test, just as jumping on the scale repeatedly is not an effective weight loss method. Instead, we'll use each question as an opportunity to train your thinking process, helping you develop the critical thinking skills really necessary for score improvement.

Logical Reasoning

Logic Games

Understandably, many students are initially intimidated by logic games, though with practice, my students often see their biggest improvements in this section. We'll cover game types, sketches, conditional logic rules, deductions, and methods for attacking the questions systematically and efficiently.


Personally, I've always loved the games section, even when I was just starting out with the LSAT and didn't yet know how to tackle the section. I was one of those kids who did books of logic puzzles, and I've even nerded out with some logic games from the Korean LSAT (language learning + LSAT -- my two favorite hobbies together!) However, I understand that not every student feels the same way as I do about this section. We'll also work through stress and time management to make sure you're setting yourself up for success.

Reading Comprehension

LSAT reading comp requires intense and careful reading of passages which can at times get fairly technical or abstract. Unfortunately, many students don't really have a solid plan for improving in this section, beyond simply doing more passages.


With my students, I focus on applying methods for active reading, including effective and efficient passage marking. We practice techniques for attacking the questions in a way that makes them as black and white as possible. These techniques include actually using your passage markings, making predictions, and skillfully eliminating wrong answers. We'll also work on general section management skills so that you're optimizing your score each time.


Ready to get started on the path towards better test scores? Please fill out the form on the right with information about the test you are preparing for and a brief message. I'll be in touch to contact you for the next steps!

Regarding the digital LSAT

As of July 2019, the LSAT is now administered digitally using Microsoft Surface Go tablets throughout North America.


Prepping for the LSAT with online tutoring provides you with invaluable experience working through LSAT questions on a computer screen, giving you a definite edge over those who prepare only with pencil and paper.