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I have been tutoring the GMAT nearly 10 years, first as a Kaplan teacher and tutor, and later as an independent, private tutor. I've scored in the 95th percentile on practice GMATs. In addition to teaching GMAT, I also teach GRE, where I scored a 170 Verbal and 169 Quantitative (both out of 170). My knowledge of both tests means you’ll be prepared whether your business school accepts only GMAT or either test.


GMAT Tutoring

Approach to the GMAT

The GMAT is a diverse test, combining grammar, reading comp, critical reasoning, math content, mathematical reasoning, data interpretation, and writing. With so much to cover, it’s important to prioritize the areas most fundamental to your success. One-on-one online tutoring offers us the chance to customize lessons to what you need. For some students, that means more time devoted to data sufficiency and data interpretation. For others, it means a review of grammar rules you haven’t been tested on since the SAT. I take the time to get to know your situation, then offer guided support to systematically target the exact areas and skills you need in order to raise your GMAT score.

The GRE is accepted by a growing number of business schools and law schools.

Several of my GMAT and LSAT students have made their business and law school applications more competitive simply by switching over to the GRE.

Most of my students come to me asking for help with the quantitative section. For many, the data sufficiency questions are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before! We work through strategies while also reviewing the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, and data analysis. The goal is always to apply these concepts to real GMAT questions.



The GMAT verbal section combines grammar, reading, and critical reasoning. To address the sentence correction questions, we not only review grammar rules but also work through strategies for applying those rules to long, complex GMAT questions. For reading comprehension, we work on techniques for reading the passages and working through the questions. For critical reasoning, we practice identifying the conclusion, evidence, and assumptions in arguments and learn specific strategies for each type of critical reasoning question.


The best preparation for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment is a solid knowledge of what is expected in the essay, a strong and adaptable template, and ample practice with feedback. Drawing on skills for the Critical Reasoning questions, we practice breaking down the arguments in the prompt to identify assumptions and flaws. We work through the official essay prompt bank, striking a balance between writing full essays as homework (for depth) and practice creating essay plans for a variety of prompts (for breadth).

Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning section takes data interpretation questions to a new level, requiring students to evaluate and synthesize information from different sources. We work on strategies for finding the relevant information in the sources and for applying the information to each part of each question. We also cover time management tips to make sure you are maximizing your score.


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