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Online Tutoring

Parents and students naturally have questions about how online tutoring works. Read below to learn more about the logistics and benefits of online tutoring.

How Online Tutoring Works

Communicate face-to-face

Thanks to programs like Skype and Zoom, we'll be able to see and hear each other live. No pre-recorded video lectures here!


Collaborate on materials

Interactive online whiteboards allow us to work together on PDFs of test material we upload. We can mark them up the same as you would on paper. Then export the notes for later review!


Review using recordings

Some students record sessions for later review. This is 100% optional, but works well for students who are visual or auditory learners. 


Benefits of Online Tutoring

Feedback from my own online students suggests that online tutoring offers several benefits over face-to-face tutoring:


1. It is more convenient for students since they don't have to travel to another location. As a tutor, I also end up having more availability for students since I am no longer stuck in traffic for large portions of the afternoon.


2. Online tutoring allows students to meet with a true expert even when one is not available near them.


3. Students focus well in online lessons, and often even better than they do in face-to-face lessons. Screens are engaging!


4. We can adjust the lesson plan instantaneously to fit what the student needs without having to rely on only the printed materials I have with me.


5. It's greener!


6. Many standardized tests are computer-based or will become so in the near future (digital LSAT coming July 2019!) so online tutoring better mimics the way students will actually face their test.


7. Online tutoring can be more consistent since many of the typical reasons for canceling face-to-face sessions don't have to apply. We don't have to worry about spreading germs on the days when you are still technically contagious but feel fine. We can still meet even when I'm out of town for the weekend. And snow days or accidents on the freeway are now irrelevant.


8. Online tutoring works well for student-athletes and working students because we can often exploit time zone differences to find a time that works great for both of us.


9. You can review the material from tutoring sessions in multiple modalities: our written notes from the session and/or a recording of the session.


10. Sessions are cost-effective since you aren't paying rates that have been inflated to offset transportation costs. In other words, you get a higher quality online tutor for the same price as a local tutor.more


Please feel free to ask any questions about online tutoring. I'm happy to provide any details necessary to help you decide if it is right for you.


Ready to get started on the path towards better test scores? Please fill out the form on the right with information about the test you are preparing for and a brief message. I'll be in touch to contact you for the next steps!